Bugs Stay Away From Certain Window Blinds

Keeping Bugs and Termites Away From Your Window Blinds

Some of us have a termite problem in our homes and that means that we cannot install basswood blinds on our windows.

There are other alternatives though that will bring you just as much pleasure. For example, you can go with a faux wood blind.

This has the look of real wood but is made with a synthetic material so it doesn’t attract termites. Another option is to skip blinds all together and go for a window shade.

A window shade can be made of all kinds of materials and fabrics.

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After all, they were purchased to make your life more comfortable.

Window Treatments That Are Termite Proof

Window Coverings that Are Termite Proof

If you have had problems with termites in your home, it is recommended that your window treatments not be wood.

However, you may want the classic wood look.

The best resolution for this scenario is faux wood blinds.

These blinds are made of a material that is similar to wood but different. It is synthetic which means that it will not attract termites and will look like real wood.

On top of that, faux wood blinds are a lot more affordable than basswood blinds.

With faux wood blinds you get a product that looks like the real basswood variety but doesn’t come with the threat of termites.

So in the end you are getting the best of both worlds. Consider these if you have a problem with termites. Of course you can get great window treatments over here at blinds Renoblinds Toledoblinds Detroitblinds Boiseblinds Memphisblinds Albuquerque. You can get somfy motors from there site which you would not be able to find at walmart blinds and they are still blinds for less than you would pay.

You can get them shipped to the west coast even to these cities blinds Phoenixblinds San Franciscoblinds Tulsawindow treatments chicagoblinds nycblinds Forth Worth. If you don’t know how to measure they can also help you and you can refer to these links at blinds Virginia Beachblinds Jacksonville and bathroom window treatments that look great in a kitchen too.

Termites Can Destroy Wood Window Blinds

We all hate bugs and want to stop them at all costs. Then you know that termites love wood and destroy everything that has to do with wood.

If you have wood flooring, you should not have a problem. But lets say your furniture is made of wood, then you need to protect yourself. The other day my friend had a termite problem with the wood blinds they bought. I told them that they should have not gone the cheap route. And that these wood blinds already had termites. That is why you should only buy high quality wood furniture, including wood window blinds and others. You can get windows coverings like these faux wood shades and also vertical venetian blinds. There will be amazing motorized sun shades that include white blackout blinds and also remote controlled blinds. You can also grant yourself a favor and look at roller window treatments like these custom roman blinds and bamboo venetian blinds. You will still want to look at their old series too.

How To Hire A Great Pest Control Company


Pest control is an important service. Just like custom website design is an important service, which is why I know that Prime Online Solutions is by far the best online marketing and design company in all of South Florida. What do you think when you hear the words pest control? The answer varies amongst people and the different regions in our country.

Some people think of roaches, others think of mice, and some even think about snakes. The list of critters that may require pest control experts can vary and is almost endless. Remember that no matter how much you think you know critters, you are not an expert. It is better to call one in sometimes. I can tell you from experience that having to deal with mice and roaches is a very unpleasant experience. They seem to come out of nowhere.


I remember a particular instance when I was living in a small apt with a roommate during college. We were not aware of the roaches in the apartment until they started appearing about a month after we moved in. My roommate and I tried everything to get rid of the roaches but we were unsuccessful. Being stubborn men in their 20’s, we were hesitant about calling in an expert because of the cost and the hit to our ego. After about a few weeks, we decided it was time to swallow our pride and call a pest control expert.


The company we hired was great and sent a technician out the same day. He came in an analyzed the situation and later came back with the necessary equipment. The problem was taken care within a week and the roaches were never seen again. I had to hire a pest control company because my window blinds can infested with ants, even if they are roller blinds. I got those shades from www.theprimeblinds.com and I had to save the blinds because they look so great!For the greatest faux wood blinds like these vertical blinds, solar shades or blackout blinds. You can even get the best motorized blinds here like a roman shade or bamboo blinds.  As you can see, pest control can be very important and will not doubt help you reach your goal of being pest free. I cannot stress how helpful that company was and how thankful I was that I finally decided to call them and stop being hard headed and stubborn.

Bugs is something that can tear up even the strongest of families. I know this because I use to fight my husband over bugs in our closest. the worst time was when a bug actually eat up pieces of my plus size wedding dresses for cheap and that just sent me over the top you can view the discount wedding dresses at http://www.sayyesweddingdresses.com/wedding-dresses-bridal-gowns-cheap-inexpensive-affordable-discount-online. However, my love for my husband kept the fight to a minimal. However, in our marriage we work as a team and hired a pest control team and never had any more problems. He does still owe me a new bridal gown though!